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SOUP has probably existed for over 6,000 years! - although none of our soups are as old as that! They're all fresh and lovely!


Watery gruel  (made from roasted and ground cereals) is the most likely origin of soup—and the word SOUP probably  derives from the BREAD over which this gruel was poured—called a SOP or SUP and hence SOUP!


The word RESTAURANT means ‘SOMETHING RESTORING’ and was first used in 16th CENTURY France to describe SOUP sold by STREET VENDORS as an        antidote to tiredness!  In 1765, a shop in PARIS specialising in these soups was opened, called a    RESTAURANT, the first time the word was used for a place to EAT! And it all began with SOUP!


In 1794, JEAN BAPTISTE GILBERT PAYPLAT DIS JULIEN, a REFUGEE from the French Revolution opened an eating establishment in BOSTON called THE RESTORATOR!


He became known as THE PRINCE OF SOUPS!


So, while, at our events, there may be a nod back to those 18th century Souped up Street vendors, we'll also be looking forward - to a new way of cooking and eating and living alongside one another - tasting something familiar and a little bit different!

Souped Up Street Food

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